Pharmaways Healthcare endeavors to differentiate itself from our competitors by providing personalised sales service focusing on our customer’s requirements. The building of our relationship to support our existing and future products is paramount to the ongoing success of the company within the diverse markets throughout South Africa. We enjoy the advantage of selling established recognized product leaders within all of our product groups and markets. With customer service being our central focus most of our important activities are related to order fulfillment process and exceeding the customer’sexpectations.

Driving sales growth requires accountability and responsibility which enables Pharmaways Healthcare to achieve sales growth targets provide clinical and product support, establish new business opportunities while maintaining existing customer expectations. Pharmaways Healthcare believes in providing the most effective tools to complement the sales team to ensure success now and in the future. Our sales team is technically qualified and experienced with products we market. Ongoing clinical and product training ensures that our sales team offer its customers the latest in product information and support.